The Little Cheese

£35.00 Price Includes Postage and Packaging

A sumptuous sample of different artisan cheeses, specially chosen by the cheese experts at Keswick Cheese Deli to offer a mouthwatering selection. A great gift for any cheese lover.



100g Appleby Creamery Eden Chieftain (Mature local cheddar)
100g Appleby Creamery Eden Sunset (Creamy local red cheese)
!00g Appleby Creamery Black Dub Blue (Mild and creamy local blue)
100g Kidderton Ash (Strong semi-soft goats cheese coated in ash)
100g Kendal Crumbly (A mild, tangy crumbly Lancashire)
100g The Bay Tree Farmhouse Pickle
2 x 100g STockan’s Orkney Thin Oatcakes


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