The Deluxe Cheese and Wine Combo

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Enjoy  the perfect evening with a host of deluxe artisan cheeses and a quality, rich full bodied Argentinian Malbec. Melt the tasty, creamy Cumbrian Brie to perfection in this accompanying terracotta brie baker and have an evening of cheese sophistication. What better way to wine and dine!



250g Appleby Creamery Eden Valley Brie (Light and creamy local cows milk brie)
1x Appleby Creamery Terracotta Brie Baker
210g Farraday Tasty Jam Hot Chilli and Tomato
150g The Fine Cheese Co. Assorted Crackers for Artisan Cheese
1x Las Pampas Argentina Full Bodied and Rich Malbec
150g Appleby Creamery Eden Chieftain (Mature local cheddar)
150g Appleby Creamery Black Dub Blue (Mild and creamy local blue)
150g Appleby Creamery Flakebridge (Strong, flaky textured red cheese)
240g Farraday Tasty Lake District Prepared Olives

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Weight 2000 g


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